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University of Uppsala (UU)

The Polymer Chemistry group of Uppsala University is housed in the Ångström Laboratory within the Department of Chemistry–Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. The research profile within the Polymer Chemistry laboratory at Uppsala University includes synthesis, assembly for controlled structured materials and nucleic acid-based drug discovery and evaluation of their functional properties. Work within the group is focused on designing functional biomaterials based on biological recognition and synthetic design of artificial nucleic acids to mimic functional non-coding RNA present in biological milieu.


Dr Oommen Varghese is associate professor, with biomaterials and functional nucleic acids as focus area. His expertise lies in synthetic biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, gene therapy, in vitro models. In the project UU will contribute with 3D scaffolds for local delivery of biologics such as chemically modified RNAi drugs for cartilage repair and development of click-chemistry building blocks for imaging of regeneration.