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ESR12: Percuros, Netherlands

Delivery and effectivity of nucleic acids in small animal IVDD

Percuros’ role in Carthago focuses on testing the effect of using advanced carriers to deliver gene expression modifying agents that target intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration, inflammation and pain in vivo. In addition the capacity of ultrasound to enhance penetration and cell delivery after intradiscal injection will be studied.


We are looking for a candidate with a background in biomedical sciences and interest in gene and regenerative therapy, who is able to collaborate in a diverse team, consisting of fundamental and clinical scientists from many disciplines, including chemistry, physics, molecular biology and imaging. A license for in vivo experiments is highly appreciated.

The Percuros ESR will be hosted by Percuros in The Netherlands, with excellent facilities and training programme for PhD students.

Terms of employment

The selected candidates will be offered a full-time PhD position at Percuros, initially for one year. Upon successful evaluation of the first year, the contract will be extended for three more years (total: 4 years). Your gross salary will be in line with the MSCA ETN rules.

The exact net salary will depend on your eligibility to receiving the 30% tax benefit. The 30% tax benefit cannot be guaranteed. The HR department will request for this benefit for you, after which the tax office will make a decision. The mobility allowance is already included in the ESRs living allowance (salary). There is an internal individual training budget to attend external courses, conferences or workshops. Travel to the Partners and visa costs are financed from the project.

The presented PhD employment contract is in line with the MSCA guidelines. In the Collective Labour Agreements (CAO), rules and regulations on e.g. parental leave are stated.


Applicants may enquire for more details and express their interest by writing to f.zacchini@percuros.nl but must apply via the link bellow with a CV and motivation letter.

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